FEMAS METAL SAN. TIC. A.S. Kitchen Product, Kitchen Equipment, Industrial Kitchen Equipment, Cooking Unit, Cooking Equipment, Dishwasher, Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Furniture
SUPEREV INSAAT DIS TIC. A.S. tiles, carpets, decking, wpc decking, doors, steel doors, pvc doors, door panel
BURMAS YAPI MALZEMELERI GIDA INSAAT TAAHHUT SANAYI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI taps, valves, pipes, boiler shells, vats, ceramic, ceramic sinks, wash basins
BERNETTO IC VE DIS TIC. LTD. STI. Building, Ceramic, Sanitaryware, Fitting, Pipe, Construction, Faucets, Shower Bathtubs
ARSAN KIMYA SANAYI VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI Cosmetic, Baby Cosmetic, Wet Wipe, Pocket Wet Wipe, Adult Diaper, Diaper, Hand Soap, Soap
H.B.K. INSAAT NAKLIYAT TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI Furniture, Marble, White Corn, Sesame, Diesel, Petcoke, Gas Oil, Petroleum

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Founded in 1999, our company is honored to carry the status of being a trusted and sought-after leader in the sector today. Arsan Kimya offers superior products to the global market with its wide range of products including primarily wet wipes, personal care products, cotton products, acetones, air fresheners and household cleaners under the brand of Ultra Compact. Arsan Kimya has obtained its well-deserved status among leading manufacturers growing fast in the wet wipe manufacture and steering the sector through its investment in production with a capacity of 90 million as of 2015 Arsan Kimya, one of the biggest manufacturers of the wet wipes of the sector in Turkey today, is a company whose core principles of incorporation have been merged with family business values and adopted previous experiences and values in terms of management with a modern understanding. With this conscience, we are carrying out our business in a more professional, more corporal, more innovative and more visionary manner. From this point of view, we are structuring the management staff through a modern understanding and building institutionalization fundamentals on unique knowledge dating back and closely acquainted by all of us. Having a large access to the market and logistic network of 73 countries in 5 continents today, our company follows developments in the market closely. Without making compromising on the brand reliability, our company offers the global market a range of products with high added value.
Femas Group established at 1978, we have build seven production facilities, six in Kayseri and one in Istanbul situated in 175.000 m² closed area build on 250.000 m²; We are a big family of 1,750 people keen on to accomplish our mission which is to provide solutions with a wide range production, to show our difference instead of offering similiar or equivalent product by analyzing the needs,demands,challenges in 130 countries in 6 contients; Our aim is to combine our technology,labor and knowledge with our experience and focus on solutions that most companies cannot even imagine
DESTANBUL / Tur-Mak Yapi Center was established in Konya, Turkey in 1976. Tur-Mak began supplying building materials. Tur-Mak Center became a leading marketing company in Turkey and has gained a high reputation. Tur-Mak concentrates on distributing products to warehouses, selling both natural stones and ceramic/ porcelain tiles to large wholesalers, distributors and retail stores. Tur-Mak also deals with builders, contractors, designers connected to the industry, as well as with private consumers. Our products range from ceramic tiles, stone & marble, travertine, tumbled stones, mosaics to antique decorative products. Achieving an annual sales of 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 sqmt. in ceramic, porcelain tiles and stones, Tur-Mak has taken a respected place among the largest suppliers of Turkey. Tur-Mak has scored successes in the Turkish Tiles Stones Industry with its innovative and high quality services. Tur-Mak, believes that providing our customers with what they need and when and how they want is the key to successful business. In addition, we will continually monitor our clients, level of satisfaction with our services through surveys and other convenient feedbacks.
SuperEV is a trading and leading procurement company based in Istanbul Turkey. We established longer and closer working relationships with our clients and supplier not only provide immediate and reliable service but to continually exceed expectations and goals. Mission Statement To offer our clients with a total cost saving and streamlined procurement solutions. We are firm believers that the procurement side should stay tightly connected with all its vendors to maintain excellent partnerships built up over many years. This allows us to effectively negotiate the cost of goods and services, ultimately giving us an added ad- vantage over our competitors. Vision By maintaining low overheads and by keeping SuperEV a tight-knit company, we envision our elves being one of the top procurement houses in the area .
All In One Place: Facuets, Mixers, Bath Accessories, Shower Sets, Toilet Seats, WashBasins, Siphones and Shower Channels, Shower Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinet, Valves and Taps.
Evdemo Home Design was established in early 2015 to produce home furniture products suitable for the modern age, and its history goes back half a century. The Evdemo brand has been growing day by day thanks to the positive comments made by its customers and the intense interest in products where price and quality are prioritized.
Bernetto Ic ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. was established in 2017 and is growing rapidly every day thanks to the honest and devoted work of its successful staff who have gained experience in construction, bathroom equipment and foreign trade for a long time. Taking firm steps towards institutionalization, our company also demonstrates its effort to become a versatile company by serving in different sectors.